Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Problem: Glue Seeping Through Fabric

Sometimes water-based glues are too thin and 'runny' so they bleed through fabrics, both silk and cottons. Try making the glue thicker by placing a small amount of water-based glue (such as Tacky) in a tiny container, like a bottle cap. Let it air dry until a crust forms on top; this takes a little while for the glue to thicken. Then, remove the crust. The glue is now 'more tacky' so various materials stay in place better, it doesn't bleed through fabric as easily and works as a filler. However, if you are going to drape the finished costume using water, steam, spray starch or other water -based solution be sure your glue is one that is waterproof (such as FabricTac) or all your seams may fall apart.

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