Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Choosing A Glue For No-Sew Costumes

Craft glues (such as Aleen’s Tacky, Delta Sobo, and Elmer’s Glue All, etc.) are referred to as PVA glues (polyvinyl acetate). This type of glue is used to make no-sew seams on doll costumes when the doll maker will not be wetting the costume fabric for draping because they are not waterproof. To keep the seams from coming apart when draping costumes that has seams glued with PVA craft glues, pin folds in place and drape the costume by ‘misting’ very lightly with inexpensive hairspray to ‘set’ the folds.
Waterproof permanent glues are the solvent-based adhesives (such as Beacon’s Fabri-Tac) and water-based urethane adhesives (such as Aileen’s Fabric Fusion). This type glue say washable on the label. Choose these glues when you want to saturate the costume fabric with spray starch, water or fabric stiffener for setting folds. Your seams will hold together when wet,

Each of these types of glue has additional properties that will make you decide to choose one over another for a particular application. See the topic 'Glue' on our Blog Index to learn more about how to use them to make no-sew costumes.

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