Saturday, July 2, 2016

Simple Fabric Draping

In real life, gravity makes fabric fall in folds. In small scale, fabric costumes have to be 'helped' to fall in folds.  Doll makers sometimes use pins to hold folds in place, often pinning skirts to a pinning board (cork or foam, or similar). This doll maker is demonstrating how she pulls and presses fabric into shape and then uses a wetting agent to set the folds. Pull and pinch fabric while wet and then let dry completely before touching!!!
Some wetting agents are; fabric stiffener, spray starch, hairspray, and water. Some fabric costumes must be wet all over so that any color change is even and not noticeable. Be sure to test your fabric before wetting your costume.
And one last tip: if the glue you used on your costume was water soluble, such as Tacky, only use hairspray. Solvent based glue, such as FabriTac, should not become unglued by any wetting agent.

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