Saturday, December 19, 2015

Determine The Scale Of Your Doll

1.Determine the scale of your adult doll
5 ½ to 6 inch realistic doll – 1:12  scale (1 inch =12 inches)
7 ½ to 8 inch realistic doll = 1: 10 scale
9 ½ to 10 inch realistic doll = 1:8 scale
11 ½ to 12 inch realistic doll = 1: 6 scale (1 inch =6 inches)
For instance, your doll is 12" tall; 1" in his world equals 6" in ours (it is expressed as the ratio 1:6). This means that to find out how big a 12 inch tall doll would be in the real world, we simply MULTIPLY by 6.  For example, 12 inch doll x 6 = 72 inches or 6 foot tall.

2.Then you can find or make accessories in the scale of your doll - When we use the fraction to express the scale of something, example 1:6 (or one-sixth scale), we take something in the real world and DIVIDE it by 6.  For example, if we want to make or buy something for our doll to use that is just like something in the real world, we measure that real item and then divide it by the doll’s scale to find out what its measurements should be in that doll’s scale. Some readymade accessories already have their scale identified.

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