Thursday, September 25, 2014

Problem: Using Sealers Over Heat-Set Paints

Many doll makers have reported that some acrylic varnishes and sealers remain tacky when used over Genesis paint. To find out more about this problem, we checked the Genesis Oil Paint web site. Here is what we found out: they state that you do not need to seal Genesis paint for protection. If you choose to use an acrylic varnish or sealer over Genesis paints, be sure to test it before using it to be sure it is compatible with polymer clay and the heat-set paint.

Genesis makes 3 varnish products that can be used as a sealer over their heat-set paint: 
Heat Set Satin-permanent varnish
Heat Set Matte - permanent varnish
Air Dry Gloss - removable varnish
To use the Genesis varnishes, first paint with Genesis heat-set paint on your doll and then apply a very thin coat of Genesis Varnish with a brush or sponge. Heat-set the Satin and Matte varnish as usual but do not heat the Gloss Varnish. If the doll gets dirty over time, the Gloss Varnish can be removed with an ammonia solution or window cleaner and a fresh coat reapplied.

Sometimes when you paint your dolls face, the heat-set paint develops a slight gloss appearance. You can apply a thin coat of Matte Varnish to the area where you do not want any shine.

Hope this helps

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