Sunday, May 11, 2014

Brow Mapping

Brows generally follow the brow bone. On humans, the brow hair grows there whereas on your doll, you will need to determine where the brow hairs will be placed. This mapping technique works for human makeup artists so it should help you design eyebrows on your OOAK doll:
  1. To do brow mapping, take a toothpick and hold it on the outside of the nose (not the nose wings) going straight up along the bridge. This is ideally where the brows should begin. Mark this spot.
  2. Then, by angling the toothpick from the outside edge of the nose, to the outside edge of the iris, and up to the brow, mark that spot as where the brow should arch naturally.
  3. Then, mark one more spot - where the angled toothpick hits the brow when it lines up at the outer corner of the eye, that's where the brow should end.
  4. Then connect the 3 dots on top by drawing straight lines connecting each point around the top outside edge of the brow. Fill in the shape with tiny hair lines from the base of the brow up into the width.
Want to see this done on a person? See a video clip here:

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