Saturday, May 31, 2014

Easy Picture Hat

Here is a photo tutorial, with a pattern for a 1 7/8 inch brim, for making a basic picture hat for your miniature doll:

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Under-sculpt For Your Doll's Head

You can make a skull from polymer clay to use as an under-sculpt for your doll's head. The size of the skull depends on the scale of the doll you are making. For small dolls the under-sculpt must be small enough to fit inside the doll's head, leaving space to add about 1/8  inch of clay over it; for larger heads, about 1/4 inch. Directions for forming a basic skull shape are found here:
and this photo tutorial demonstrates covering the under-sculpt with clay and sculpting the head:

Sculpt A Male Figure

Thanks to this doll artist for sharing his WIP photo tutorial of a nude male figure. Lots of sculpting tips included too:

Copyright Explained

Confused about copyright issues? Here are two links to some information that may help explain copyright and myth. The first article is about taking an on-line class and then what is required of you in regards to giving credit for your work: 
The second article is information about copyright in general and some myths you may have heard:

Saturday, May 24, 2014

How To Make A Wash With Heat Set Paint

How to make a wash: 
Genesis states on their web site that “transparent washes can be achieved by tinting the Thick Medium. Using the Thick Medium gives you a good layer of paint and the transparency that you need". Some doll makers mix a wash by thinning Genesis colors with odorless thinner. Genesis states that "thinning with a small amount of an oil solvent will not permanently thin the paint, as the paint will return to its original state as the solvent evaporates off". Read more about using Genesis products at:

Blush technique using a wash:
To use as a blush on the body, apply a bit of the Thick Medium on to a flat glass surface and tint it to the color you desire. Work it to make it soft and buttery. The consistency is soft but thick and transparent. Take a very tiny amount and smear it on the glass palette until it is very thin layer. Then dab a cosmetic sponge into it. You want the sponge to pick up just a tiny bit of it. Apply to you doll using a pouncing motion where you want to add blush to the head and body.  Always apply a thin layer, heat set, and then add more until you achieve the depth of color you desire, like painting with china paints.

Be sure to check this blog's INDEX and click on the topic 'Painting" to read more about heat set and acrylic paints.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sleeve Patterns

This link is to a series of sleeve patterns for 1:12 scale dolls. If you change just the sleeves on your doll's costume you completely change the look of it. For variation, you can also add cuffs, ruffles, lace, etc. or just cut longer and turn under for a hem.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Profile Grid

This drawing tutorial offers a grid to overlay your doll's profile helping you to check placement and depth of its features. A great tool to self critique using a photo of your sculpt:

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Brow Mapping

Brows generally follow the brow bone. On humans, the brow hair grows there whereas on your doll, you will need to determine where the brow hairs will be placed. This mapping technique works for human makeup artists so it should help you design eyebrows on your OOAK doll:
  1. To do brow mapping, take a toothpick and hold it on the outside of the nose (not the nose wings) going straight up along the bridge. This is ideally where the brows should begin. Mark this spot.
  2. Then, by angling the toothpick from the outside edge of the nose, to the outside edge of the iris, and up to the brow, mark that spot as where the brow should arch naturally.
  3. Then, mark one more spot - where the angled toothpick hits the brow when it lines up at the outer corner of the eye, that's where the brow should end.
  4. Then connect the 3 dots on top by drawing straight lines connecting each point around the top outside edge of the brow. Fill in the shape with tiny hair lines from the base of the brow up into the width.
Want to see this done on a person? See a video clip here:

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tips For Dressing Male Miniature Dolls

This doll maker uses the glue method for making costumes. She shared some tips about men's pants, shirts and jacket lapels here:    Be sure to check out this 'how to". Included are tips on sculpting male bodies too.