Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Problem: Doll Has Tiny Dark Specks On It

Polymer clay attracts lint from clothing like a magnet. Do not wear fluffy or dark clothing. And cover your clothing with a white smock, lab coat or large white cotton blouse.

While sculpting, use baby wipes to regularly clean your hands, work surface and tools.

Keep a separate ball of clay for cleaning. Use it to remove the dirt that magically appears from nowhere off your hands and work surface. You will see that, over time, your ball of clay will be completely dark and dirty.
  • While sculpting, roll your dirty clay ball over your hands and work surface, pressing it well over and under your nails.
  • Put any scraps or leftover clay into your dirty clay ball. Use the clay from the ball for making under-sculpts, skulls’, and for making a bases for your dolls.

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