Sunday, May 26, 2013

Craft Wire vs Beading Wire

When you are making hand armatures, fairy wings or mermaid fins they usually call for small gauge and/or colored wire to construct them. The problem is that all metals corrode and when the wire we are using is close to the surface of your polymer clay or TLS, the corrosion may cause the clay to crack. Lots of inexpensive craft and jewelry wire is available. They are made from a variety of metals; copper, brass and other base metals like tin. These wires are soft (jewelry wire is rated from soft to a hardness of 5) and will make rounded shapes easily. Harder wires make sharp angles but are springy so you must need to push them beyond where you want it to end up.  Some are coated to make them tarnish resistant. You can also coat wire with glue (such as Beacon Gem Tac or Crafter's Pick Ultimate that adheres to metal) or Rust-oleum spray paint to inhibit corrosion). Here is a link to some information about craft vs. jewelry wire that you may find interesting when you are making decisions about which wire to choose:

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