Sunday, February 3, 2013

Problem: Messing Up Your Doll When Posing It

When you are bending a completed doll into the pose you want it often results in messing up the clay that you spent so much time sculpting. Try these techniques and see if they help:

To help elevate that problem try doing this:  when you are making the wire armature, bend wire at all the joints before you put any clay on it. The wire will ‘remember’ and will bend easier.

If you are making an under sculpt, apply the clay over the armature wire and bake it; leaving the joints free of clay. They will bend easily because the wire remains free of clay. After you have applied a layer of clay over your under-sculpt and the bare wire 'joints', move the joints a tiny amount at a time. By bending the wire several times, waiting between movements, you allow time for the clay to firm up. It takes a few bends to get the doll into the pose you want.

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