Saturday, October 13, 2012

Make A Multi-Strand Wire For Poseable Doll

When you make a poseable doll, choose a multi-strand wire for the armature. A multi-strand wire will take a lot of bending, whereas a single strand wire can be fragile at the point of the bend.

You can make your own stranded wire from brass, aluminum or galvanized steel. Choose fine gauge wire and twist 6 to 7 strands together.

If you don’t plan to incorporate a tube in the doll’s lower leg, the finished diameter of the multi-strand wire is not crucial. If you are planning on a rod and tube stand, the finished diameter of the multi-strand wire should fit into the size tube that you will be placing in the clay.

To make a multi-strand wire:
  • Cut several lengths of wire.
  • Double it over and secure the end of the loop over something stationary.
  • Pull against the wire to keep it taunt and twist all the strands together.
To make a multi-strand wire with a power drill:
  • Fit a hook into a battery powered, electric or hand drill.
  • Cut wire at least 8 feet long and fold in half.
  • Place the loop end in the drill’s hook.
  • Run your hand along the wire to even it out and tie the cut ends together, very firmly.
  • Secure the tied end into a vice or other holding device, or tie the cut ends around a stationary object.
  • Start the drill, pulling tightly against the wire to keep it taunt.
  • As the wire twists, it will shorten. Be prepared to move with it.
  • To see how firm the wire is, stop the drill to relax the tension. Do not over twist or the wire will start to ball up and get lumpy.

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