Thursday, October 18, 2012

Heat Guns

A heat gun is a helpful tool for setting up small parts of unfired clay without having to set any other part (to do that, cover the part of the doll that you don’t want to set with some aluminum foil).  A heat gun also cures Genesis heat-set paint. Some doll makers use a heat gun for a super-heating technique. Read more about super-heating here:

How to choose a heat gun: Embossing heat guns are sold in stamping sections at many local craft stores. Genesis also makes a heat gun for use with their paints and can be found where Genesis paint is sold.  You can use a paint stripper heat gun that is sold in home improvement stores, but be aware that they get much hotter than the embossing heat guns sold for hobby work; hair dryers, on the other hand, have too little heat to bring Genesis paint to drying temperature.

Be careful. It is really easy to scorch the doll with any kind of heat gun!

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