Monday, October 1, 2012

Dyeing Tibetan Lamb Fur and Mohair

You can dye both mohair and Tibetan lamb fur for your doll's hair with Rit dyes. You can also use regular hair dye. Here are the instructions for both techniques:
For commercial hair dye

For Rit dye
 Decide on the color you want for the doll's hair. You can get a natural blonde color with a combination of yellow and tan RIT dyes. Don't use cocoa Rit thinking you are going to get brown, it turns purplish. The color chart links in previous posts about dyeing feathers should help you get just the color you want. 

Here is what you do:
  • Leave the fur on the hide.
  • If you have a large piece you can cut it into smaller pieces by cutting on the hide side only, Using a sharp blade, cut close to the hide surface, being careful not to cut the fur.
  • Boil some water; pour it into a large enough container to submerse the entire section of hide.
  • Before putting the hide in, thoroughly mix in some liquid RIT dye the color you want.
  • Put the hide into the dye bath and stir it around for 5 minutes.
  • Take it out, run clear water over it to rinse out the dye and hang it on skirt hangers to dry.
  • If the color is not what you want, you can re-dye it after it is dry.
Do not use a blow dryer on it. Air dry only.
Be sure to dye only bleached fur.
Sometimes it takes two dye baths to get the desired color.

For more detailed instructions, read this:
And finally, a photo essay of one doll maker dying some Tibetan lamb and mohair:

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