Monday, May 7, 2012

Make a 'Pattern'

You can use these materials for drafting a “pattern” (you can probably think of lots more):
·         Stiff Netting
·         Paper Towels
·         Non-woven Interfacing
·         Dryer Sheets
·         Heavy Aluminum Foil
·         Old/Used Full Size Pattern Paper

Start by laying a small piece of the 'pattern' material on the doll.  With a pencil, sketch the contour of the shape you wish to make on the material. Then cut it out.  Place it on the doll again and check the fit. Then, tape or sew the first piece in position on the doll’s body so you can draw and cut additional pieces.
When you have all of your pieces, lay them out flat and cut some test-fabric. Fit the test-fabric pieces on the doll, making adjustments as needed. You can hold the test-fabric in position with tape, or by sewing or using temporary glue. Once satisfied with the fit, lay the test-fabric pieces out flat and cut your final fabric.

You can save the 'pattern' by cutting a permanent copy using plastic sheets or light card. Be sure to label the pieces.

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