Sunday, July 17, 2011

Avoiding Problems When Baking Polymer Clay Dolls

1.       To help keep heat even in a small oven, place pieces of ceramic inside wherever there is space; bottom, on a tray, back, etc. The less the heater element cycles off and on, the less chance of scorching tiny bits of polymer clay, such as nose and fingers.

2.       Bake doll on a glass dish or ceramic tile and pad with a thin layer of poly batting or cotton on the bottom. Never use the metal tray; it may scorch the polymer clay where it touches the metal.

3.       The padding sometimes leaves marks or fibers on polymer clay so lay tissue (such as Kleenex) over the batting.

4.       Polymer clay tends to sag when heated so brace your doll with cotton balls or small glass, metal, or other objects. Remember to pad objects where clay touches, just as you did for the bottom.

5.       Small parts sometimes fall over, so make a jig to hold hands and head upright.

NOTE: There are many ways to fashion a jig. For ideas of how to make and use baking jigs, see photos of some jigs made from cork, wire and a magnet in the WIP galley at:

Friday, July 8, 2011

Making Curls

I like this photo tutorial that demonstrates how to wig a doll and how to make curls. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Wigging Tips

A good resourse to find answers to lots of your questions about wigging miniature dolls: