Saturday, June 11, 2011

Small Paint Brushes

Sometimes it is hard to find brushes tiny enough for painting features on a small scale doll. Look in your local hobby and art supply stores for Ultra Mini brushes. There are on-line source too; try Jerry's Artarama, Dick Blick Art Supplies and Micro-Mart. I'm sure there are others too.

We have found that synthetic filament works as well as natural hair with both acrylic and heat-set paint.

Not familiar with brush sizes? Ultra Mini sizes are labeled 10/0, 12/0 down to 20/0 (one of the smallest is 20/0 and is very hard to find).

Some shapes to look for are Filbert, Round, Spotter, and Liner.

Want to know more about art brushes?   Scroll down the page to read more about brushes.

Prices vary considerably from supplier to supplier. Shop around!

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