Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fabric Doll Stand

Here is a tip I want to share with you about doll stands. Many years ago I saw a method of making a doll stand upright on its own, without the aid of a metal, acrylic or wood stand, but I can’t remember where or who shared this method.
This method is only suitable for dolls with long full skirts. It is made from fusible webbing and stiff interfacing, such as Pellon and WonderUnder (find them in craft and fabric stores) plus the fabric to be used for your doll’s underwear. It is placed on the doll, underneath the doll’s petticoat.

To make the doll stand:
1. Fuse 2 pieces of stiff interfacing together with the fusible web to make a stiff ‘fabric’.
2. Then fuse a piece of the underwear fabric to each side of the interfacing ‘fabric’.
3. Cut out a cone shape from the layered/fused fabric. Allow for an overlap at the side. No hems are needed with fused fabric.
Note: If you need to make a pattern first, shape one from paper and fit it to your doll before cutting the stiff ‘fabric’. The cone should fit at the hips, be rather narrow at the bottom and the bottom edge should touch the ground.
4. After you have assembled and dressed your doll in her drawers, do a fitting of the cone to your doll’s hips and adjust as needed. Glue the overlap area about 2/3 up from the bottom and let dry.
5. Place cone on your doll and glue it to the dolls hips, not at the waist, to reduce bulk.
6. Trim the bottom edge as desired.
7. Make another regular soft fabric petticoat to go over the stiff cone shaped one. Glue it on top of the cone one.
8. Finally, costume your doll in her dress and petticoat as you normally would.

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