Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hats for your Dolls - Fun and Easy

All hats are a combination of basic shapes plus trimmings. If you need a hat pattern, you will find lots of patterns for the basic shapes of many types of hats. Trimming is the fun part! Lace, braids, feathers, ribbons...let your imagination be your guide. The basic hat shapes are made using the following 4 methods:

1. Gathered Fabric Hats: are made from a circle of fabric; fabric may be either single or double and then gathered to fit your doll’s head.

2. Stiffened Fabric Hats: made from double bonded fabric or fabric covered card. Crowns are either soft gathered fabric or stiffened shaped fabric

3. Straw Hats: made from very narrow hat straw. Straw is dampened and its thread pulled to curve it, then stitched in overlapping rows.

4. Molded Hats: made from felt, buckram or tapestry canvas. Fabric is dampened with warm water and shaped over a hat block, then stiffened with Stiffen It or Fray Check. When finished molding, it is dried on the hat block.

• Tacky Glue
• Plastic Wrap
• Rubber Band
• Lightweight Card
• Fusible Web (such as Pellon’s Wonder Under)
• Stiffen-It and/or Fray Check
• ¾  inch Hat Blocks: you will need a round and a flat top form (such as a round bead, a bottle cap or make one from polymer clay). As a rule, a 3/4 inch hat block is used to shape hats but because all doll heads vary slightly and your doll’s hair may be thick, each hat must be custom fit to your doll’s head. Cover your hat block with plastic wrap and hold it in place with a rubber band prior to forming your hat.

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Be sure to read the photo tutorial Millinery in Miniature at:

Lots of information about trim and instruction for making a bonded fabric hat.