Tuesday, October 26, 2010

About Permanent Waterproof Fabric Glues

Doll makers use 2 types of permanent waterproof fabric glues for gluing fabric to fabric:

     1. Solvent-based adhesives (such as Beacon’s Fabri-Tac)
     2. Water-based urethane adhesives (such as Aileen’s Fabric Fusion).

Both say they will dry clear and flexible. Both will soak into and through fibers if applied too heavily. The difference is in the dry time, glue thickness and how fast it will ‘grab’.

Use this type of glue to hold polyester fabric seams together and when you are planning to wet the fabric for draping.


     • Wash fabric with sizing to remove the sizing prior to applying any glue.
     • Do not use any fabric softener after washing the fabric to be glued.
     • Usually, a thin line of glue is sufficient …but when covering a larger area, try applying glue with a brush to get a smooth, thin, application.
     • Glue does not need to cover completely but use enough to hold in place and always on the edges.
     • Use a paperclip or a thick pin to make a hole in a glue bottle…or use a fine tip applicator bottle or syringe.
     • Let water-based glues dry for 2-4 hours (it is not completely washable for 48 hours)
     • Solvent-based glue is quick dry and quick grab
     • All glues will ‘thicken’ as they age in a bottle that has been opened and come in contact with air. Refer to the manufacturer to learn how to thin too thick glue.

For more information: 
Aileen’s brand of fabric glue at
http://www.ilovetocreate.com/ (click on products; fabric glue) and
Beacon brand of fabric glue at

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Anonymous said...

Grab is how well glue immediately holds onto a surface,

Dry Time is actually how long it takes to permanently bond
surfaces together.

Even though a glue may grab quickly,it may need many more hours to dry thoroughly.